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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 8, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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important debate selection, the economy and economic advisors from both sides of the oil. the exclusive interviews don't end there, they'll talk with the rising star mia love. have a great day everybody, see you next time. >> kelly: a fox weather alert a possible tornado touching down in new york city, hello, everyone, i'm he kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, this is one of the we'll report, you decide. look at the video into fox news, a massive funnel cloud. let's just listen for a moment. . [wind blowing]
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>> wow, look at the size of this massive funnel cloud, kelly. it moves through the breezy point section of queens, just outside of where we are. >> kelly: wow. >> jamie: the forces of mother nature overwhelming and they also had large hail, powerful wind, dangerous lightning, descending on the area and knocking down trees and power lines and tossing around sand near the beach. large amounts of debris also flying around, including huge metal trash bins. and meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center having a busy day suddenly because of this. when will we know if it's an actual tornado, maria? >> the national weather service will have to come in and acertain the damage and the wind speed on the system. we can see on the video it clearly looks like a tornado and we have reports from breezy point in queens county, new york of already hard moves, trees down, power lines down and structural damage to
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buildings and it's likely that that was a tornado and we continue to see the chance for tornado activity across the northeast, including areas in new england, all the way down into the carolinas, the greatest risk area though does include very large cities like philadelphia, new york city, up through parts of albany and burlington, vermont and that's the area shaded in red on the map. i do want to bring you a brand new tornado warning that was issued at or about 12:50 p.m. eastern time and this does include basically the bridgeport area and near bridgeport moving east at about 40 miles per hour and this is across northern parts of the state of maryland. again, a widespread area today that does have the chance to see severe weather and the greatest risk area is here shaded in red, including large cities, large hail. damaging wind gusts and isolated tornados will be possible and aside from that, you also have to keep in mind that with thunderstorms you get dangerous lightning and even some very heavy rain in a short amount of time that can produce some flash flooding and we've seen that earlier today, across the new york city area and this is all associated with a strong cold
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front pushing eastward that yesterday produced over 350 reports of severe weather across parts of the midwest, including states like missouri, well off toward the west, you can see how quickly it moves eastward and now producing areas of heavy rain across the great lakes region. we have a number of severe weather watches and two tornado watches including upstate new york into vermont and 10 p.m. eastern time, and 9 p.m. eastern time. further off across the north and northwestern parts of connecticut and massachusetts and two severe thunderstorm watches you can't rule out tornado activity and could quickly produce by some of the thunderstorms as they do rotating, and you can see the heaviest of the rain now across parts of upthe state new york and central parts of pennsylvania and that line of storms will continue to move eastward. and the tornado that was reported across queens county was earlier today. you could see that line of storms that quickly raced toward the north already out of the new york city area and
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we're expecting that line of storms to continue to push eastward. jamie. >> we're not used to this. so, folks, be careful in that area and maria will keep you updated throughout the day on all the weather, thanks so much, maria. kelly? >> we have another fox news alert right now. an iranian pastor sentenced to death for his christian faith has reportedly been acquitted and released according to the american center for law and justice. 32 years old was imprisoned for three years and waiting execution for refusing to renounce his christian faith. the american center for law and justice is a washington-based watch dog group that's been campaigning for release since the the very beginning. much more on the breaking story a little later this hour. ♪ >> let's head straight to the campaign trail. president obama and governor mitt romney are making their
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final sprint toward election day. the president kicking off a two day bus tour through florida this weekend and any moment right now, governor romney is expected to take the stage here in the first of two scheduled rallies, in the battle ground state of virginia. and chief congressional correspondent, carl cameron is streaming live from boston for us, keeping an eye on everything. carl? >> reporter: (inaudible) >> we will get carl established and check right bab with him. >> reporter: hi there, jamie. >> jamie: good. >> reporter: mr. romney has two events in virginia, he left the event in virginia beach. it's an important battle ground state. in recent weeks-- (inaudibl (inaudible).
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(inaudible). >> . >> jamie: all right. carl has a great report and we're going to get to him in a couple of minutes. a little bit of satellite issues, you can hear the wind as well. anyway shall as carl mentioned, governor romney is expected to address the military aviation museum in virginia beach and we'll bring you that as it gets underway and the highlights of the campaign trail. >> kelly: the debates are just five weeks away and the g.o.p. nominee paul ryan, well, he's getting in the first full day of prep work this weekend. ryan will convene with aides tomorrow in oregon during his west coast campaign swing and told that ryan will work through topic, answers and counter points he'll need when he goes head to head with current vice-president joe biden. and the wisconsin lawmaker reportedly spent part of last weekend watching a 2008 debate between biden and former governor sarah palin. and president reagan-- i'm sorry, president obama campaigning today in the crucial swing state of florida. the president speaking this
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morning at a campaign event in st. petersburg. and mr. obama telling sporters, it's up to voters where the country goes from here. >> both sides have made their arguments now and i know you have a lot of national republicans in the neighborhood, and making their argument. we've made ours. and so now, you've got a choice to make. and by the way, don't boo votes. vote. i honestly believe this is the clearest choice of anytime in our generation. >> kelly: and we will hear more from president obama later today, when he speaks at another event in kissimmee, florida. >> both the conventions are behind them and president obama and governor romney are focusing energy on the most aggressive stage of the presidential race. here is comes, folks. four upcoming debates. an avalanche of what we're told are some of the strongest
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and meanest attack ads and a stronger push for swing state voters, but what will make the real and biggest difference here? angela mcglowan is a political analyst and marjorie, a former consultant to the obama and clinton consulting. thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> jamie: marjorie, first of all, the debates. president obama an order some have never seen, but angela talk to go one of our producers brought up a great point. no teleprompter. can he do this? >> well, he's proven time and time again on the campaign trail he can continue to be the or atore that he has been and i think that having bill clinton in his pocket a definite asset and we know he truly is a master and i think the question will come down to -- i really think these debates is more an opportunity for them to step in it than it is really to change anything. voters really have made up their mind and you know, the conventions are a pep rally,
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they're an opportunity to energize voters and at this point it's all about get out the vote. who is going to show up to the polls, what the election is going to come down. >> jamie: would they be motivated to go out and vote on both sides of the aisle, angela, more on what they see in the debates, the voters, what they see on the attack ads, expected to be unleashed, and more states, specifically the swing ones, or actually the handshake, baby kissing, come to my neighborhood? >> you know, politics of old would have been the handshaking and baby kissing and the glad-handling, but people are suffering today. i have to agree with marjorie, with the pep rallies and mitt romney with the conservative states and also with paul ryan and also, president obama has the google base, and going to come down to the undecided voters, marjorie, i have to disagree. you have a sliver of voters out there that are not decided. it could come down to one or two states and that's why you see the candidates now
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actually campaigning in those very important swing states. but what both candidates need to do, we have to stop the name calling. we have to stop the division. we have to stop the blame game. people want solutions. people need leadership. >> jamie: well, how many people are there left, marjorie, who haven't decided already, all for the viewership of the conventions or otherwise. maybe we're not seeing much of a bump for the candidates from the convention because people made up their minds. >> well, you also have-- i think that romney was sort of upstaged by clint eastwood in his convention and didn't get quite the bump he hoped for. >> some would disagree with you. some would say it brought more attention to what mitt romney really had to say. not to mention paul ryan. marjorie, let me ask you this, can a vice-presidential choice win in an election for a president. >> it can definitely move voters, no question. i think there are similarities in the vice-president, or the candidates at this point in that they are sort of that down holm, try to appeal in a
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different way. you don't see them in suits as much. sort of the more casual. aggressive side to the campaign and i think that paul ryan brings a very positive face to the campaign and i think the question comes down to his policies. and in the same way that people-- >> the one thing that he points out and the republicans seem to point out, too, angela, is that paul ryan spent his entire career looking at the budget. it's been his, his daily bread, so to speak, and the economy is in trouble. the budget needs to be fixed and that's something he brings. vice-president biden was touted as a foreign policy specialist. >> right. >> jamie: there will be a debate specifically on foreign policy and president obama will talk about osama bin laden, i assume, so-- >> and gm is alive, gm is alive. >> could we see one side shine more than the other? >> they could have a debate on all the issues, the reason i mention the teleprompter.
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biden isn't that great when he doesn't have the teleprompter and i know paul ryan and worked with him on capitol hill before he worked in congress, he's a brilliant guy and knows economics and can learn more about foreign policy and i have faith in him. as for obama and mitt romney during the debate, obama sometimes without that teleprompter, we saw who he truly is, so the bottom line is this: i think the rubber meets the road when we have these debates. when you don't have teleprompters, when they have to talk about the issues. because you can play the blame game so long. >> jamie: we are going to see that regardless, i can. >> yes. >> and the ones i worry most about are joe biden and i worry about mitt romney trying to tell jokes, i think those are the two things we have to be cautious of. >> i was going to tell a joke. first of all, i have written on my paper for both of you, rubber meets the road. so, thank you, angela and i don't know you that way, but angela, at least, teleprompters aren't our thing and if it's on our minds, you're going to hear it. thanks guys so much.
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see you soon. kel kelly. >> kelly: well, the contract talks resume today between the chicago teachers union and district rep. the goal is to avoid teachers walking off the job monday, for the first time in 25 years. and for chicago's mayor rahm emanuel, who made school improvements a central theme of his administration. and here is the union president karen lewis on where both sides now stand. >> the house of delegates of the chicago teachers union, and the strike date for monday, makes september 10th, and that has not changed. >> and the last minute, if it's 11:33, 11:45, on sunday night, and the negotiations and-- >> absolutely, because we're here to negotiate for better schools in chicago, period,
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the end and a fair contract to go along with it. >> kelly: now those issues include pay raises job security and teacher evaluation. >> jamie: well, counting down to election day, tick, tick, tick, america's military voters need a chance to have their voices heard. a live report on an interesting question to answer next. >> kelly: indeed. and an alarming new health risk, how you could be at risk for heart attack or stroke and not even know it. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you
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>> welcome back, a quick check of the headlines. a judge ruling that arnold schwarzenegger didn't break any laws when he cut it short for the son of the political ally. hours before leaving office last year. the f.a.a. is investigating why part after airplane the size of a refrigerator door fell from the sky and crashed into a washington state neighborhood. luckily, no one was hit below, and activists say a pipe that supplies drinking water to parts of the syrian city has been damaged during fighting leaving areas of the city without water.
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>> today a family may finally get more closure. federal police in mexico arrested a suspect in the 2010 killing of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. terry's death has been the center of the scandal as well over the botched u.s. gun running sting operation, fast and furious. peter doocy following this live in washington. this isn't all the suspects, but this could be great for the family that wants justice. >> reporter: right, jamie, ere are actually five suspects. one is on trial right now in arizona. one was arrested on thursday and there are three on the loose. mexican authorities say they picked up jesus mesa, and one of the mexicans charged with murdering brian terry when the group of five allegedly crossed the border into
1:20 pm
arizona to rob some drug smugglers, but they why detected by the border patrol agents and shots were fired, and agent terry killed. they left two weapons behind traced later back to a justice department sting called operation fast and furious. and on capitol hill over terry's murder, eric holder was voted to be held in contempt of congress by the republican-controlled house of representatives who were not satisfied with the quality or the quantity of the documents the doj turned over and the support came after president obama exerted executive privilege over the documents involved. the department of justice did not end up prosecuting the attorney general though. and on capitol hill things have been quiet with regard to fast and furious and the congressional investigation, but we do expect things to pick up again this tuesday because that's the date,
1:21 pm
september 11th when the house oversite committee is going to hold another hearing for a doj inspector general report of the failure of the sting that ended so tragic for brian terry nearly two years ago, jamie. >> we mention his family and all of his colleagues, too, thank you so much, peter. >> kelly: dr. gerald synonymous with gospel music, and prevailed as an expression of faith that you can accomplish anything. dr. bobby jones was credited taking it to the mainstream by the longest running show on cable television and helped others live beyond a dream. >> welcome to bobby jones gospel. >> kelly: dr. bobby jones is known as mr. gospel. for 31 years, he presented a weekly television show that
1:22 pm
promotes this unique musical genre. it's the longest running show in cable television history, a mainstay on bet, but played a larger role in exposing the greatness of african-american culture and its contribution to the world. >> i tried to take it through the experiences i've had, and that to bring about rye inspect bobby's career has taken it far beyond his child. growing up in a rural town in tennessee and parents encountered problems that could have prevented bobby from exceeding. >> my father was an alcoholic. and that time in a segregated society and my mother was, a little more well off, but-- and yeah, i ended up guiding
1:23 pm
their lives. >> kelly: bobby always dreamed of doing something great in music. and to make that dream a reality he knew he needed a solid education. he excelled academically, graduating from high school at 15, at tennessee state university at 19. >> and the education, but two degrees and the third one was in building curriculums for schools, and the so the other doctorate was from a seminary and i got a third doctorate humanity. i think we should place a great deal of value on education, it just doesn't start in the classroom, however, there are other aspects of education as well and one of the most essential ones for me was travel, going to different places and out of different cultures and learning from different people, ways of life, helped to educate me. >> kelly: in his nashville home, he gave me a tour of the awards he's received from
1:24 pm
charitable programs as well as from leaders around the world. of all of these awards, you have a host of others that you have given to your alma mater. >> that's right, tennessee state university, and for the connection ap the other part is in indiana university. a bloomington and it's in there with calloway and count bassi. >> kelly: based on his experiences in life he find ways to inspire people on television and radio and desires to help people live their life beyond a dream. >> we will learn how to treat people like we want to be treated. >> we shall. >> kelly: we shall and we can. that's dr. bobby jones, among his many awards, he received a presidential commendation from then president george w. bush for contribution in music and education and through his show helped to launch his careers of popular guests artists like
1:25 pm
kirk franklin and mary mary. >> jamie: what an accomplishment for his age, too. thanks, kelly. there's speculation that the fed could soon take action following a disappointing month for jobs numbers. what can they do? to stimulate the sagging economy. >> kelly: we will talk about that and also, if you watched the democratic national convention, you saw president obama and other democrats raise questions about mitt romney's foreign policy. what you may not have seen and what four former secretaries of states said about both candidates this week. that's coming up next. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals...
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>> it's the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. the national weather service confirming a tornado struck down -- struck the at a beach-front neighborhood in new york city and a massive funnel cloud seen hurling sand
1:30 pm
and debris as it moves through the breezy point section of the queens. something we're not used to in the new york area and power outages going on now. >> jamie: a presidential campaign ad expects to top more than a billion dollars. more on air time in the final weeks of race than they did on the first five months alone. >> kelly: wow. an iranian pass store sentenced to death for his christian faith has reportedly been acquitted and released, this from the american center for law and justice, 32 years old was imprisoned and awaiting execution for refusing to renounce his christian faith. >> and we now have just under two months until the presidential election and there are new allegations, the department of defense is failing to provide voter assistance to military members. even their families and that is a violation of federal law.
1:31 pm
molly henneberg with the story. >> a group of republican senators are trying to get them know move in on the situation. and requires that the defense department set up a voter assistance office on every military base or installation, to help servicemen and women registered to vote and requested an absentee ballot. the pentagon's inspector general wrote in a report last week that quote, we attempted to contact 100% of the installation. and results were clear. our attempts to contact the ibao, stands for installation voter assistance offices, failed about 50% of the time. and republicanenators kornyn, and barrasso and burr are alarmed by this and say it's a clear violation of that 2009 law. in a letter to defense secretary leon panetta, they
1:32 pm
write, dod, that's the department of defense's implementtation of the voter on base system has been at best a hollow exercise. many of the based assistance offices that do exist are grossly inadequate and at least half of them are either closed or completely unstaffed. the pentagon says there's a simple explanation for this. the contact information that the inspector general was use to go contact the bases was out of date. >> we have joint bases that we have, other kinds of things that happen so that in any military environment, whether the subject be voting or anything else, phone numbers change and e-mail addresses change. >> secretary panetta has the not responded publicly to the senator's larry, but a spokesperson sells the washington times they will respond to the senators directly. jamie. >> polly, thank you so much. back here in new york now, a fox news extreme weather
1:33 pm
alert. maria molina, our meteorologist was telling us about a touchdown of a tornado on a beach front neighborhood, now, more warnings, what's the latest? >> that's right, unfortunately, the national weather service confirmed that we did have a tornado touch down in breezy county in new york and right now a new one just issued for westchester county in southeast, new york, also parts of eastern bergen county and rockland in southeast new york, so, three counties currently under a tornado warning, westchester, eastern bergen county and rockland county. areas outside a new york city area so we're continuing to see more thunderstorms firing up, producing rotation and this particular warning is because of some rotation had been spotted by the national weather service and the thunderstorm and when you get at that rotation, you typically can see some funnel clouds, or even some tornados making touchdowns. again, this particular tornado
1:34 pm
warning, westchester, bergen, and take shelter immediately 2 p.m. eastern time, otherwise, a number of tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches in effect as well throughout most of the northeast. >> this coulding through on the day and night, keep it here on fox, maria, thank you, maria. >> thank you, jamie. ♪ >> my opponent and his running mate are... but from all that we've seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost america so dearly. after all, you don't call russia our number one enemy, not al-qaeda, russia, unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. >> kelly: well, that was president obama this week going after governor mitt
1:35 pm
romney's foreign policy experience, but several prominent names in the foreign policy field are voicing their support for mr. romney in the international arena. four former secretary of states, condoleezza rice, james baker, henry kissinger, secretary schultz, praising mitt romney in an op-ed. for more, bring in national security analyst, kt mcfarland and over her shoulder, is that a picture of henry kissinger behind threw? >> it is. and kelly, i spent seven years working for henry kissinger in the nixon and ford administration. >> kelly: that's right, you did. kt, let me ask you, based on your experience, how do you respond to president obama and others criticizing mitt romney on foreign policy. >> it's silly, they sound exactly like jimmy carter did in 1980, saying ronald reagan, he's not smart enough to be president, he doesn't have any foreign policy experience. and yet, what did reagan do?
1:36 pm
he came in and did what none of the other people could, he won the cold war without firing a shot. so, the question is, is romney reagan? and you've had the single-most successful secretary of state in post war history, writing an editorial, he is and understands the single greatest national security threat. yes. >> kelly: let me ask you, give the tone and tenor of what they said. former secretary of states, condoleezza rice, james baker, george schultz and henry kissinger behind you, the picture that is, and endorsing governor romney and wrote in the recent op-ed that you're talking about how they stress that his economic plan can lead to a strong foreign policy. here is what they wrote. the stakes are high, international terrorism remains a threat to the state, yet each and every one of us, the staple is true for proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, we need pro growth strategy that will renew our ailing economy just when they did when ronald reagan took over in the
1:37 pm
1980's. kt, does that square with you? >> yeah, it does. and in fact, even president obama's former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mullen made the same point, that the security front right now in this economy. if you don't fix the economy, you don't restore america's economic vitality. everything else is collateral damage. there's no money for military, for intelligence, for foreign aid and the key thing is important to restore the economy and they feel that presidential candidate romney is much better equipped to do than president obama. >> now, on the republican side, we have to point out that senator john mccain who of course was the g.o.p. presidential candidate, 2008. he's expressing concern about candidate romney's foreign policy experience as well. and basically stating that the election is about jobs and the economy, but a failed national security policy over time is going to lead to significant domestic problems. it's the job of presidents and candidates, and the lead to articulate their vision for
1:38 pm
america in the world and a dangerous place and stems the end of the coraled war and goes on to say, i think the president should lead and candidates for the president should lead and talk about disappointed apparently that governor mitt romney did not do this during the rnc. what are your thoughts about that. >> i was actually in tomorrow pa. i moderated the foreign policy debate for the republican candidate, okay? for candidate romney and i had all of his foreign policy advisors on and talked about restoring america's leadership road in the world and don't think that leading from behind is the way to restore america's role in the word and on the specifics. the thing the importance the next president will have in foreign affairs is israel. we may not see eye to eye on the iranian threat, but we've got to trust, and that trust snot there between president obama and netanyahu. romney and netanyahu have known each other forever.
1:39 pm
>> kelly: they've known other other to the point of almost helping each other finish their sentences, that's a good thing, is it not. >> yeah, it's really important. right now the greatest threat is iran and the nuclear weapons program. israel to look at iran and say if america going to help us stop iran. if we don't trust america to help us and the president of the united states to keep his word, we have to take action on our own. the kind of relationship netanyahu and romney have, they can get on the phone and talk to each other and talk it through. the worst of all situation would be a war against iran and israel attacks iran's nuclear weapons site and iran retaliates and the united states is drawn in, nobody wins that war. the important relationship is one that's there and been there for 40 years. >> kelly: all right. kt mcfarland, always appreciate your perception and get a picture and put it up next to yours. >> you've got it. >> jamie: kt is all navy, trust me.
1:40 pm
>> kelly: i was army. >> jamie: disappointing jobs picture, raising more fears over our fragile u.s. economy. how wall street took that news and why some are speculating that help could soon be on the way. here is a hint. the fed. [bell ringing] [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> welcome back, everybody, i can only give you half my smile on this one, because the jobs report that came out at the end of the week was very disappointing. the u.s. did add jobs, but only 96,000 in august ap that's nearly 30,000 less than expected. you need 200,000 just to keep things going. well, despite the bad news, wall street closed up nearly 15 points on friday. could it be reports to improve
1:45 pm
further because there's speculation that fed chief ben bernanke could act to stimulate the u.s. economy next week. the question for this, what's left for the fed to do, how much would it help? joining me the portfolio manager for capitalist pig fund, jonathan hoenig, cashin' in. we like it when you're here, jonathan. >> thank you, jamie, great to be with you. >> jamie: i'm really curious, if the stocks are holding steady the next couple of months, critical not only to the election, but the bush tax cuts in our fourth quarter, retirement reports and all of that jazz, how much can you read into that based on the fact that we're not gaining new jobs even though the stocks, most of them, seem to be hanging on where they are? >> yeah, you put it out. there's one positive economic indicator, jamie, that we really have, has been the stock market. a lot of the major indices not far from multi-year highs. certain names like apple and
1:46 pm
wal-mart, amazon, for example, coming to mind and doing quite well. interestingly, those sectors, the companies that didn't get any of the stimulus, any of the assistance you alluded to earlier, and that's exactly what from wall street, especially after that. you used the disappointing, the word that was bandied about, the pathetic jobs report. still now 8% unemployment and can the fed fix that? can the fed's quantitative easing program somehow help that? as you said, and shot essentially all of their bullets, has it made an impact yet? and many of us don't know why. >> you know, it's pathetic to me, if one person in this great land of opportunity is out of a job. and it's really pathetic with the millions and millions of people that you see and the amount of time they've been out of work and they have a decision to make in november about what direction this country goes, and what and who would put them back to work. how hard do you think those people are thinking about
1:47 pm
this. and which, which way do you think they'll go, because economy's number one and then there's other issues to consider as well. they're important though, aren't they, that voting block? >> oh, of course. they're essential and it seems to me, one of the main fundamental differences here, how is wealth created? the president, for example, and the intervention in detroit, and in the auto industry, look, we know that in fact, intervention was a loss for the american taxpayer, didn't create wealth as promised and two choices investors must make as well. should the government play a role, or one approaches it as hands off and actually letting the private sector create wealth for this country. >> jamie: last question, i only have 15 seconds. is there anything really that the fed hasn't tried? >> well, they are going to try
1:48 pm
more quantitative easing, and bonds, and interest rates, haven't had an impact so far. one impact it could have is inflation a few months or years down the line. >> jamie: the qe, 1, 2-- i tell kelly is sounds like a cruise. >> thanks so much jonathan hoenig, always great to have you here. >> thanks jame why. >> kelly: there are reports that tens of millions of americans have uncontrolled high blood pressure and don't know it. coming up, who is at risk? the doctor is in. you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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>> all right. wherever you are right now. i want to you stop and listen to what we're going to talk about here. a new report shows nearly 36 million americans, that means some of you out there have uncontrolled high blood pressure and almost 14 million of them don't even know they have it? and that's alarming. fox news medical a-teamer, dr. somadi. chief of robotics and everybody is paying attention us right now. this is serious. high blood pressure is skyrocketing out of control. and what are the risk factors that people don't go to the
1:53 pm
doctor and check to see if they have it. >> i hope with that introduction, you have the attention of folks who are watching because this is a serious problem. let's find out exactly what this is doing to it. us talk about 36 million uncontrolled blood pressure and a third of the country suffering now from blood pressure. a thousand people die every day as a result of this. now, we talk about health care reform and it's election time. you're talking about 130 billion dollars. >> kelly: wow. >> 130 billion dollars that's going into direct and indirect of just high blood pressure alone. so there's nobody out there can really reform this health care unless we really get it together as a country and take care of ourselves. one of the points that you brought up was very important. you have to make sure that you see your doctor and find out if you have blood pressure or not. because you may not have any symptoms. how do you know you have blood pressure? and what is the definition of high blood pressure? you have to ask three separate blood pressures of 140/90. so, if you're rushing to your doctor and you happy to be late and run up the stairs and
1:54 pm
the nurse goes and mr. smith kyou sit down, i need to get your blood pressure, when it's high, that's not important because you just did some sort of an exercise. three heart blood pressure over 140/90 is a definition of high blood pressure. you have it, what causes it? smoking, aging, obesity, diabetes, short-lived. >> kelly: and also hereditary. >> that's right, genetics plays a role. we're good at taking care of the signs and symptoms, you come into the office and you have high blood pressure and write the prescription, but we're not taking care of the problem. in this network for the last three years we've talked about the fact that you have to really get it together. you have to lose weight and that's how you take care of the blood pressure. salt, how many times get the french fries and they pour the salt all over it. one teaspoon, that's all the
1:55 pm
sodium in your food. exercise, 30 minutes, three times a week is minimum and noi we're all busy and tough times, but you've got to take care of that. no cholesterol. and speak to vegetable and high fiber diet, how you take care of high blood pressure. >> kelly: that's very good that the expense you talk about. but the expense emotionally to a family that loses someone because of high blood pressure. because it's known as the silent killer. >> that's right, and the emotion comes after somebody already had a stroke and that's why high blood pressure is so important, by itself, it may not cause any problems, but it leads to heart attack. it leads to stroke. it kidney failure and you have all of these centers that are devoted, you have to go and take care of yourself and check and make sure you have it or not, because, again, you may not have all the signs and symptoms and it's a very serious problems. >> jamie, why i was saying this is an important topic. >> jamie: absolutely, it affects millions of people.
1:56 pm
i was going to say, look, say you eat right, exercise, do it all right and you have a genetic history toward high blood pressure or cholesterol, don't be a brat, take the staten, take your blood pressure medication and do whatever your doctor tells you, you you can prevent horrible things. >> kelly: and i had that, genetically expose today hypertension. >> i'm glad that you're doing great. i've watched over the last year, you have had' come a long way, an example for everyone, but the point is well taken, the fact that a lot of people are not taking medication. important point. >> jamie: and everybody out there. you have someone who loves you, take care of yourself so you can be good for them. we have to go, but that's going to do it for us here. stay right here on the fox news channel, the journal editorial report, dr. sunday house call 10:30 a.m. here.
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